Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Struck at a young age…

My heart seems to follow the beat of a wanderer. Not many seem to understand my ache to go, for my feet to take me somewhere. I constantly crave freedom, difference in land and culture, a world away from the one I live... where I can explore, think, learn and grow.

I could live without travel, adventure and worldly experiences...yet, for me that would be a life unfulfilled. That's why I recognize my inexhaustible passion to traverse the world. And passion is such an interesting topic in and of itself – able to bring great happiness, as well as cause longing and suffering. But I digress... (as I often do!)

When was I struck by wanderlust? I can't pinpoint an exact time or place, but it began with my family adventures of yesteryear. We would pack up the rented car (think teal Ford Taurus) and drive cross country to visit national parks, Indian ruins and off-the-beaten-track towns for weeks at a time…thankfully without fanny packs. There were no cruises, beach vacations or luxurious hotel stays. Instead, our summers became about breath-taking scenery, wildlife-viewing, hiking excursions, extensive "Cambo" action (old-school camcorder filming) and family bonding.

Here’s something I wrote about our Canadian vacation in the late 90’s…

“Darkness was slowly becoming light. The distant stars no longer shimmered and dotted the sky, teasing you to make a wish with their twinkle. I stood outside in our driveway yawning, pretending to help load the heavy luggage in the Ford Taurus. It was blue, ugly and practically would be my home – my family’s home – for the next three weeks.

The quiet of dawn was underwhelming. It whispered slumber, soon to end. But my envy for all those still sleeping engulfed me. Yes, I would get to travel Canada, walk across a glacier, see an abundance of wildlife and gaze upon awe-inspiring mountains – so many things that few get to experience firsthand. But, I was far too dazed by sleep (or lack thereof) to even grasp the breadth of this life-changing journey. At that moment, outside of our house in the dewy air, I only saw it as yet another crazy family vacation.”

Oh, how my perspective changed during that vacation, especially when we entered Glacier National Park. I guess that trip could have marked the birth of my wanderlust. And, excluding the embarrassing moments (thanks, mom and dad) and the unavoidable, constant “family time,” I am forever grateful to my parents for all of our road journeys and experiences. And, more importantly, for what they instilled in me – the fragility of the world’s beauty, an appreciation and love for all animals and people, and of course, a passion to travel.

With this blog, I hope to pay it forward by taking you, my fellow wanderer, on a virtual trek of my adventures, misadventures and daydreams, while also sharing travel photography, news and tips….and inspire you to wander the world.

Happy travels!

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